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A Seasonal Interpretation

A seasonal interpretation of the eight Wiccan Sabbats. The wheel of the year, from Yule to Samhain. The lore, history,  and celebrations of the Wiccan Holidays. These sabbats are a major part of the Wiccan religion.

Wheel of the Year Read More

The Wheel of the Year


Latest Additions:

Next Wiccan Esbat/Sabbat: Samhain

This Season’s Featured Articles

Wheel of the Year - Samhain | Wiccan Holidays - Samhain | The Standing Stones Samhain Ritual | A Saxon Samhain Ritual | Make Your Own Samhain Incense | Samhain Lore | Lore of Masks & Costumes | Magickal Herb Lore - Samhain  |  Samhain Foods  |  Seasonal Brews - Fall  |  Samhain Candle Magick |  Make a Traditional Besom (Witches Broom)

Wicca “How-To”

Candle Magick | Divination | Herbal Magick & Healing | Gemstone & Metal Magick | Incense and Oils | Kitchen Witchery | Lunar & Solar Magick | Runes | Spell Crafts | The Tarot |

The Tables of Magickal Correspondences

American Wiccan Book of Shadows

Book Of Shadows

Introductory Material | Circle Casting |

The Rituals and Rites | Rites of Passage | Magickal Tools | Mythical Beings

Create A Spirit Garden

Candle Superstition & Symbolism

Solitary May/Beltane Ritual

Crystal Gazing

A Saxon Samhain Ritual

Liquid Divination

Samhain Lore - Costumes & Masks

Make Your Own Beltane Incense

2015 Wiccan/Pagan Calendar

Spring’s Blessings Spell

Ghost Flowers

What The Tarot IS NOT!

Table of Magickal Correspondence: Crystals & Gemstones

Make Your Own Samhain Incense

Samhain Candle Magick

Samhain Lore

Elemental and Seasonal Brews

Dedicate Yourself to the Craft

A Short Course in Scrying Part 5

Mabon Lore

Using Essential Oils for Mabon

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Foods

A Short Course in Scrying Part 4

Make a Purification Broom

2014 Wiccan/Pagan Calendar

Lughnasa Lore

Lughnasadh Foods

The Ritual of Eating

Basic Candle Magick

Healing With Runes

A Short Course in Scrying Part 3

Crystals And Gemstones:

Facts And Tips

Use Old Crayons to Make Candles

Beltane Lore

Make a Maypole Centerpiece

A Short Course in Scrying Part 2

Berkana & Dagaz

Decorating Eostre’s Eggs

Make Your Own Ostara Incense

A Short Course in Scrying Part 1

Wicca vs Witchcraft

Casting of Lots

Samhain Foods

Standing Stones Samhain Ritual

Herbal Divination

Elemental Candle Colors

Standing Stones Mabon Ritual

Standing Stones Lughnasadh Ritual

Tarot Symbolism

Make a Money Pentacle

Make Your Own Runes

Standing Stones Litha Ritual

Drawing Down the Moon

Midsummer Recipes

Litha Incense You Can Make

Gypsy Love Magick

Duration of Candle Rituals

Charging Your Crystals

Midsummer Love Divination

Numeral Meanings (Tarot)

Making Witches Bottles

Casting the Runes

Lunar Love Lore

Making and Using Incense

Making Magick Herbal Pouches

Using the Saxon Wands

Healing Fire Candle Spell

Standing Stones Beltane Ritual

Properties of Select Gemstones

Standing Stones Full Moon Rite

Using Your Crystal Ball

New Moon Abundance Checks

Magickal Simmering Potpourri

Classification of the Runes

You Have Your (Tarot) Cards -  What’s Your Next Step

The Magick of Metals

An All-Purpose Candle Spell

Make a Mini Lavender Besom

Make a Traditional Besom

Ostara Recipes

Ostara Lore

Standing Stones Ostara Ritual

Imbolc Maiden Wakes Muffins

Wiccan/Pagan Calendar 2013

Mythical Beings & Creatures

Creating Sacred Space

Invocation of the Goddess

Invocation of the Horned God

Wiccan Holidays:

Magickal Tools

Full Moon Release Ritual

Consulting the Runes

Make a Poppet for Love

Magickal Herb Lore Calendar

Imbolc Candle “Love” Spell

Solitary Imbolc Ritual

Imbolc Lore


Week Day Correspondence

Planetary Correspondence

Astrological Correspondence

Lunar Correspondence

The Care & Feeding of Crystals

The Imbolc Ritual

What Is Magick

Beltane Recipes

Beltane (May Day)

More Yule Lore

The Wiccan Rede

Wiccan Rede (Poetic)

Three-Fold Law

A Family “Yule Log” Ritual

Wiccan Holidays

Summoning The Elementals

The Laws Of Witchcraft

Choosing A Tarot Deck









Wiccan Holidays


An Introduction to the “Old Religion”

The Charge of the Goddess | What Wicca IS | What Wicca is NOT | Wicca FAQ | Beliefs of Wicca | The Laws of Wicca | The Wiccan Rede | Three-Fold Law | History of Wicca | Traditions of Wicca | What is Magick | Living a Magickal Life | Wicca vs Witchcraft

What Is Wicca

Wicca Frequently Asked Questions:

Wiccan & Pagan Lore

Are Wicca and Witchcraft the same thing?

Who do Witches worship?

How do Witches view Christianity?

Can I follow the path of Wicca and be a Christian too?

What form does the practice of Witchcraft take?

How do you see the Goddess and God?

Do all Witches practice their religion the same way?

Do Witches Cast Spells?

These Questions and more . . .

Yule Lore | More Yule Lore | Imbolc Lore | Ostara Lore | Beltane Lore  | Midsummer Lore  |  Lughnasa Lore | Mabon Lore |Lunar Love Lore

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2016/2017 Pagan Calendar

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Create A Spirit Garden

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